Save our Silverdale Footpath page

I paraphrase - "The only thing necessary for a couple of locals to screw things up for the whole community is for good men to do nothing." SOSfootpath is a small group of local residents who are trying to get Trowbarrow Local Nature Reserve in the Arnside and Silverdale AONB accessible to everybody. Land over which vehicles, workers and visitors entered the site, previously a lime kiln and a quarry, for the past 150 years, has been bought by a local couple, and for reasons best known to themselves, they have chosen to padlock the entrance gate and prevent pedestrians from entering. For the past year, we have been told that 'negotiations to re-open are progressing' but in the meantime, access for anyone who wants to take the risk, is across the Barrow / Lancaster mainline railway tracks. Other entrances exist, but none of them is flat and level, step, stile or kissing gate free and totally SAFE, like the one that has been locked up. For fit and able people Trowbarrow is a delight, if you're less fit or accompanied by toddlers, prams, pushbikes, dogs or other encumbrances, Trowbarrow is off limits. The site was bought from Tarmac by public subscription and then given to Lancaster City Council. The planning department then gave permission for change of use from quarry to LNR but failed to secure watertight agreements from all the landowners who control the surrounding land to guarantee free access by the public. As a result, the public either can't get in or can't be kept safe if they do. What we want to do is mount a Definitive Map Modification Order, submit it to Lancashire County Council to get all the ways in declared card carrying definitive footpaths, particularly the one closed last year. Meanwhile, thousands of visitors a year are being exposed to risks that should not exist in a well run, publicly owned, local nature reserve. If you have used Trowbarrow during the past fifty years when the footpath was open to all comers, please Tweet your support @sosfootpath, post on or, even better, fill in a Ramblers Association report form, ( and help us get it registered and re-opened.